Real Estate Bubble

A subscriber to Real Estate Decoded emailed me the original idea for this post. Thanks, Hal! What would have happened if we didn't have real estate bubbles in Las Vegas and Phoenix? According to many economists, both cities had "contagion" bubbles, bubbles that spread from California. Las Vegas and Phoenix didn't really... Catch the Inflation-Adjusted Real Estate Bubble Case-Shiller Price Index Charts for New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and 17 other cities HERE! ###
During my recent “Real Estate Bubble Explained” project, I found it was common for lenders to brag about their affordable mortgages. They were talking about their subprime mortgages. Anything that let more people buy homes back then was considered to be a good thing. Mortgages that would have been branded...
Here are some of the cool graphics related to the Great Real Estate Bubble that I didn't end up using in this post. The source is on each graphic, if you want to do more research yourself. Click images to enlarge.   ###
Click to enlarge. Nice clear presentation of foreclosures in June 2009 (via Kevin Erdmann). More info on the Great Real Estate Bubble.